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Premium Content During the Sports Shutdown

At a time when staying connected to your fan base is more challenging than ever, my friends and colleagues at can help you engage your supporters with rich digital audio content. For everyone at the moment, social distancing means difficulty creating content in the normal way, particularly with video (other than solo shots from people’s homes). Another way to generate and distribute premium content is to tap into audio and remote recording technology that can bring people together. Our expertise in digital audio and podcasting means that we can set up, record, edit and distribute audio content featuring multiple people quickly and cost effectively. Some initial ideas we’ve had around long-form content include: • conversation between two or more players about their career highlights • how they progressed to the top level • some of their non-sporting interests such as cheat meals or favourite music • how they experienced their favourite sporting moments • what was said in the dressing room before the match • how did the players celebrate/commiserate • What music/films inspire them Sports fans LOVE the opportunity to get deeper with their favourite stars and NOW is the perfect opportunity to offer more content. Our editorial expertise can help shape your content strategy as well as driving the conversation between the athletes. We can help in creating your digital assets to help promote the content across your social media channels, as well as ensuring it’s distributed across all major podcast and audio platforms. Content starts from £2,000 If you’re looking with new ways to engage your fan base, please get in touchstone

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