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AI Deepfake Video - A Global Opportunity

Last week, Thomson Reuters announced that they are using AI Deepfake Video technology to produce an AI Sports Reporter capable of delivering match automated reports.

The news service has partnered with London based tech startup Synthesia, building on their current offering of AI generated text based match summaries. Whilst we may be a little way off from a replacing Gary Lineker on Match of the Day, the technology does bring up some interesting potential use cases within sports clubs and governing bodies that could ultimately generate commercial and marketing benefits.

With the growing global reach of sports organisations, the need to engage with fans across the globe grows even more. Engagement rates are boosted through an ability to communicate with a global audience in their native tongue, however the resource required to produce this content is generally too much for most organisations to deliver. AI technology may be able to provide a solution to this problem in that it could give clubs and governing bodies an ability to translate content in real time into multiple languages. The opportunity to marry that with the superstar personalities involved within the organisation will create even more cut-through within a cluttered content marketplace.

An ability to automate the translation process will save hours of resource and provide new avenues to reach a global audience. Football clubs especially are sitting on a huge amount of content that could be repurposed for a both international audiences as well as regional/international corporate sponsors

- Press Conferences

- Player Interviews

- Commercial Lines to camera

We know that football clubs especially receive boosts in fan support from a particular country/region when they sign a player from that area. Clubs don’t always have the resources to take advantage of that growth opportunity, so providing an automated solution will allow clubs to really engage with that fan base and ultimately commercialise the growing audience.

Whilst the technology is not quite there yet, it does pose an interesting opportunity to how clubs can automate some of their processes in order to reach a variety of fanbases in real time. The benefits created can really produce tangible commercial gains.

Here at First Five Yards, we’re working with a number of tech partners that can assist in helping sports organisations monetise their digital footprint. Feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation at

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